FlexoKing FT Flexible tank gravimetrical dispensing installation for dispensing directly out of drums and/or IBC-containers

  • Standard suitable for dispensing up to 40 base materials and/or colorants.
  • Dispensing head easily expandable.
  • Automatic valve head cleaning device.
  • Suitable for batch dispensing as well as "in-can" tinting.
  • Floor weighing scale and/or weighing scale integrated in a (height adjustable) roll conveyor or swing arm construction.
  • Special dispensing head construction makes it possible to dispense in containers with small sizes.
  • Available in combination with automatic conveying systems, automatic lid placing / closing and automatic shaking system.
  • Integrated in an existing tank park and/or in combination with a drum storage system for e.g. 200 ltr. drums/barrels that have to be exchanged when empty.