Projects Tailor made color dispensing installations

  • Complete gravimetric operated or in combination with volumetric dispensers.
  • Designed for batch dispensing and/or "in-can" tinting.
  • Dispensing by means of pumps, over-pressure or based on free flow.
  • Interface with all (common) color computer systems and/or host network.
  • Non-explosion proof or explosion proof in accordance with ATEX.
  • Conventional set-up with storage tanks, pumps, piping and dispensing head or with integration of typical GEMINI installations: ColorKing RT, SegmentTank, FlexoKing FT, FlexoKing CD..
  • Each system can be executed with automatic conveying systems, Pick-&Place for automatic loading and unloading of shakers and storage tanks in any size (stainless steel or plastic) with piping and pumps.