SegmentTank Segmented tank gravimetrical dispensing installation with stationary tanks

  • Suitable for batch dispensing as well as "in-can" tinting.
  • Compact construction: 12.000 ltr. (3.170 US gallon) storage capacity on a footprint of less than 10m2 (110 sq. ft.).
  • Maximum of 20 tanks of each 600 ltr. capacity.
    Different volume combinations available.
  • Dispensing by means of gravity or by pumps (pumps required in case the products are to viscous and/or the products have to be recirculated to prevent sedimentation).
  • Re-filling of tanks from the floor with pump(s) or through the filling lids on top of the tanks.
  • Possibility to install agitators with a central agitator drive.
    Just 1 electro motor required to drive 5 agitators.
  • Executed with a circular (round) or linear type dispensing head depending on the container/can sizes.