Filling Applications

The industries for which Gemini Techniek supplies the filling applications are:


The paint & coatings industry requires semi- & fully automatic filling machines to fill large batches into the can (sales packaging). Throughout the years we have successfully developed stand-alone filling machines and filling machines integrated in an automatic process that can combine conveying systems with automatic lid placing and closing.

These filling machines are also available in explosion proof execution. Our filling machines are also able to handle high viscosity products with or without granulates like texture, wall plasters etc. Special pump execution, materials of construction and valve design make our systems very robust and durable.


Especially liquid printing inks (water- and solvent based) are very similar to paints and coatings and the required filling systems are therefore about the same as for paint & coatings. UV inks however require a different approach due to their nature.


The chemical industry has a wide range of application: e.g. all kind of cleaning liquids, oil, solvents etc. All these applications require a different approach. A cleaning liquid for example can foam very strongly when filling from the top (above level filling). This would require a sub-level filling lance as with the lance below level filling can be realized in order to prevent foaming . Also chemicals like some solvents can foam when filling too quickly. Chemicals may require special safety measures to guarantee a safe working place. Toxics or flammable products can require venting systems. This kind of problems made us decide to design systems that fulfill all these requirements.

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Filling can be divided into two main technologies – volumetric or gravimetric.

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