Filling Products GemiFill C

GemiFill C

  • Easy to operate and short installation / start-up time.
  • Fully pneumatic operated (explosion proof in accordance with ATEX).
  • Self-priming, filling directly out of a drum/barrel or moveable vessel without the need of a pump.
  • Suitable for plastic and metal cans up to 20 ltr. (larger volumes upon request)
  • Easy to clean by means of a removable filling cylinder and/or an automatic rinse cycle.
  • Transport system with sinus curved drive (= slow start, fast transport).
  • Volumetric filling with S-2½ / S-7½ / S-12½ or S-20 filling machine. Check out GemiFill S-model for more information.
  • Quick width-adjustment (stepless) of the whole line.
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