FlexoKing CD – Gravimetric Compact Dispensing machine

One of the many types of dosing machines that Gemini supplies is the FlexoKing CD. Typical features of the FlexoKing CD are:

  • Dispensing up to 24 base materials and/or colorants.
  • Executed with a circular (round) or linear type dispensing head depending on the container/can sizes.
  • Compact frame construction.
  • Dispensing software operating with inventory control, report generator and management system.
  • Integrated in an existing tank park and/or in combination with a drum storage system.
  • Explosion proof in accordance with ATEX.
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Are you interested in our products or services contact our Sales Manager Mr. Rudi Maas. Please call him on our phone number +31 (0)53-428 3000 or send an e-mail to r.maas@gemini-techniek.com.

FlexoKing CD - Gemini Techniek



FlexoKing CD - Gemini Techniek






FlexoKing CD - Gemini Techniek






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