Cleaning Products GemiClean CW

GemiClean CW

  • Washing of 1 screen & 1 squeegee simultaneously.
  • Also available as duo version for washing of 2 screens & 2 squeegees simultaneously.
  • Rotary screen dimensions: repeats 537, 640 and 914 mm. Length up to 1.500 mm.
  • Squeegee dimensions: length up to 2.270 mm. (Total length with or without extension pipe).
  • Vertical pulsating movement for optimum cleanign results.
  • Easy loading / unloading due to hinged door construction.
  • Adjustable cleaning pressure for both screen & squeegee.
  • Cleaning of inside and outside with spray nozzle system.
  • Cleaning liquid: Water or white spirit (for plastisol application).
  • Free adjustable cleaning cycles.
  • Door with release of washing program and exhaust air system.
  • Wash cabinet provided with air/fluid mechanical separation filter and connection to exhaust air system.
  • Optional incl. 3-stage sedimentation system (for plastisol application).
  • Optional in Eex-proof execution Zone II/3G.
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