FlexoKing CD



  • Dispensing up to 24 base materials and/or colorants.
  • Typical suitable for in-can tinting.
  • Executed with a circular (round) or linear type dispensing head depending on the container/can sizes.
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps or frequency controlled electrical pumps.
  • Compact construction partly executed in stainless steel.
  • Dispensing software operating under Windows with inventory control, report generator & management system, rework of returns into new orders (optional), etc.
  • Integrated in an existing tank park and/or in combination with a drum storage system of e.g. 200 ltr. drums/barrels (drum exchange system).


The FlexoKing CD is standard provided with:

  • Compact frame construction.
  • 30 kg. or 60 kg. weighing scale.
  • Non-explosion proof.
  • Recirculation to prevent sedimentation.
  • Embedded PLC/PC


The FlexoKing CD can be executed with the following options:

  • Heatable product storage including piping and hoses.
  • Explosion proof in accordance with ATEX.
  • Interface with spectrophotometer for color measurement and color matching.
  • Roll conveyor system with pneumatic operated mixer.
  • Label printer.
  • Connection to an (existing) tank park for dispensing base materials.
  • Rework of returns.
  • Drum storage system consisting of:
    • Lids with suction pipes, recirculation connections and vents.
    • Frame for pumps.
    • Leak tray.
    • Agitators (electric- or pneumatic operated)
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