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GemiClean VW

  • Suitable for open top vessels or open top 200 ltr. drums.
  • 3 Different models available: small / medium / large:
    – GemiClean VW-S: Vessel Ø from 600 – 1.050 mm.
      Vessel height up to 1.550 mm.
    – GemiClean VW-M: Vessel Ø from 800 – 1.450 mm.
      Vessel height up to 1.550 mm.
    – GemiClean VW-L: Vessel Ø from 950 – 1.750 mm.
    Vessel height up to 1.550 mm.
    Note: upon request suitable for alternative vessel dimensions.
  • Reliable and proven design.
  • Basic machine dimensions: 2.000 x 2.500 x 3.800 mm. (WxDxH).
    Note: lower version available upon request.
  • Fixation of the vessel by the lock-up cover and vessel clamping device.
  • Cleaning of inside by means of rotating brushes (centrifugal force) and spray nozzle system.
  • Different brush qualities (e.g. Stainless steel, PE.) and shapes depending on the type of product and vessel configuration.
  • Cleaning liquid. Suitable for cleaning with different solvents or water.
  • Lock-up cover provided with controlled valve for connection to exhaust system to remove vapour fumes.
  • Options:
    – Tilting platform for drainage of flat bottom vessels with side outlet.
    – Drainage through hollow shaft for vessels without bottom outlet.
    – Sedimentation system for recycling of cleaning solvent.
    – Also available in explosion-proof execution according to ATEX Category 1/2/3.
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