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Paint & Coatings

GEMINI manufactures custom made dispensing machines for a wide range of applications in the paint and coatings industry that can combine product storage, dispensing, logistic systems and mixing / shaking. We have developed some typical dispensing machines (ColorKing RT, SegmentTank, FlexoKing CD, FlexoKing FT) that may suit your specific needs, but we also manufacture more conventional systems. All our dispensing machines are able to produce large batches and/or small volumes in the range between approx. 1 kg. up to 3.000 kg.

The dispensing machines are also available in explosion proof execution and can dispense paints, coatings, base materials and additives all on one weighing scale or on multiple weighing scales to achieve a higher output. GEMINI systems are mainly used in-plant, but are also suitable for end users. Due to our long term experience in the paint & coatingsĀ industry, we have the knowledge of dispensing very low viscosity products as well as high viscosity products.

Suitable Products:

  • ColorKing RT
  • SegmentTank
  • Flexoking FT
  • Flexoking CD
  • Micro Dispenser
  • Projects
  • GemiTint ED
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