GemiClean RW



  • Squeegee dimensions: Length up to 2.270 mm. Outside diameter: 54 mm. Note: Upon request also available for other squeegee dimensions.
  • Squeegee position: Slightly sloped towards outlet side.
  • Squeegee quantity per washing: 6 pieces incl. paint tray.
  • Available for water- or plastisol based application.
  • Cleaning liquid: Water or solvent.
  • Cleaning inside: Flushing with cleaning liquid. Cleaning outside: With spray nozzle system.
  • Washing cycle: Free adjustable.
  • Drying cycle: Separate with compressed air system.
  • Lifting door with release washing program and exhaust air. Door provided with fall protection.
  • Washing cabinet provided with connection to exhaust air system. Optional available with separation filter and exhaust ventilator.
  • Optional with sedimentation system.
  • Optional in ATEX Zone II 3G execution.
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