GemiClean SW



  • Rotary screen dimensions: Repeats 537, 640 and 914 mm. Length up to 1.500 mm. Note: Upon request also available for other screen dimensions.
  • Screen position: Executed with 1 or 2 vertical washing cabinets:
    • Type SW-1: 1 washing cabinet.
    • Type SW-2: 2 washing cabinets, cleaning of 1 screen at a time.
    • Type SW-2/2: 2 washing cabinets, cleaning of 2 screens simultaneously.
  • Fixation of the screen top and bottom: Open cone body (3-pinpoint fixation system).
  • Cleaning of inside and outside with spray nozzle system with no moving parts in the contaminated area.
  • Cleaning liquid: Water or solvent.
  • Cleaning-/drying cycle: Top - bottom. Cycles free adjustable.
  • Sliding door with release of washing process and exhaust air system.
  • Washing cabinet provided with connection to exhaust air system. Optional available with separation filter and exhaust ventilator.
  • Optional with sedimentation system.
  • Optional in ATEX Zone II 3G execution.
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