March 2020

The Geurtsen Group from Deventer (NL) has acquired machine manufacturer Gemini Techniek from Haaksbergen. With this acquisition, Gemini Techniek has been added to a group of machine manufacturers within the Geurtsen Group.

Over the past decade, the Geurtsen Group has expanded its capabilities by making various acquisitions. In addition to Machinefabriek Geurtsen from Deventer (Est. 1926), the group consists of Machinefabriek Westerhof, BST Service Group, Robotize and Erick.
The main activities are engineering, custom machine building, service and maintenance.
With references in various industries, the companies are active both within the Netherlands and in most European countries with more than 250 qualified technicians.

Specific knowledge within Gemini Techniek in the field of filling, dosing and cleaning, as well as the worldwide sales network, is a valuable asset to the Group. The engineering and manufacturing capabilities within the Group will help Gemini offer a more complete package to both existing and new customers. Gemini can now offer integrated product handling solutions, end of line systems and automated filling, just to name a few.

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